The Product Development team at M&S Moda follows up trends in fashion globally for new Fabrics, Treatments, Accessories and Models to present and offer our Customers.

Our Designer team also sources different qualities and style of products upon our Customer’s request. We value great relationships with our acquaintances, therefore the handover of development packages to manufacturers are conducted by arranging a meeting face to face. This assures that the development package is fully understood with little to no room for error in manufacturing the exact quality and the style of product that our Customers desire.

Pattern maker, merchandiser and fabric buyer join this meeting and plane the collection. We go through styles in detail and if we see anything which might be an issue during production, we consult our client at the beginning and come up with alternative solutions to produce and present the collection on the time.

We make an initial sample to set the fitting and we produce the sample with correct fabric, branding and details. The sample is then sent to the Customer accompanied with the relative size spec. We also mark the actual measurements on the chart we send and wait for our Customer to take a look and comment back to us. As a final process we work face to face with our Factories regarding the changes or specs, we receive to further avoid misunderstanding and to further perfect the product that our Customers desire.